2010 Detroit 1/2 Marathon

2010 Detroit 1/2 Marathon
Doing Work!

Monday, January 24, 2011


So here we are less than a week from Miami and I get sick!! I believe it was because I tried to go run 6 miles on Saturday in -10 degree weather!! I spent most of the day Sunday in bed and took today off from work because I feel like garbage. The good news is that I have almost a week still before the race. I realize that all of the hard work is done and at this point, I just need to rest and get back to 100%. My mileage total will be lower than I had hoped this week due to the off day today but I remember that I had a couple days off before Chicago and then went out and ran a PR. I am not predicting a PR for Miami but I know it will be better than the 3:02 I ran there 2 years ago when I suffered my pelvis fracture!

Less than 1 week, CAN'T WAIT!!

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