2010 Detroit 1/2 Marathon

2010 Detroit 1/2 Marathon
Doing Work!

Monday, January 24, 2011


So here we are less than a week from Miami and I get sick!! I believe it was because I tried to go run 6 miles on Saturday in -10 degree weather!! I spent most of the day Sunday in bed and took today off from work because I feel like garbage. The good news is that I have almost a week still before the race. I realize that all of the hard work is done and at this point, I just need to rest and get back to 100%. My mileage total will be lower than I had hoped this week due to the off day today but I remember that I had a couple days off before Chicago and then went out and ran a PR. I am not predicting a PR for Miami but I know it will be better than the 3:02 I ran there 2 years ago when I suffered my pelvis fracture!

Less than 1 week, CAN'T WAIT!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taper Time

I am 2 weeks from the Miami Marathon and entering the time that I absolutely hate from a training standpoint. I ran a 1/2 marathon yesterday for my long run this week at 6:29 pace on a windy and snow covered course. Today I did a 12 miler today with the boys for our Sunday Service. Now, I only have one more 12 miler before Miami. What I struggle with is feeling like I am losing something by not continuing to run the 70 miles/week. I still keep the intensity up but the lack of long runs and shortening some of my normal 8's and 12's makes me start to question race day. I am open to suggestions on what others do to know they are ready when race day rolls around and what you do to still remain sharp in the last couple weeks leading up to the marathon. Even when I ran a PR in Chicago, I was questioning if I backed off too much. Any input would be appreciated!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hammer Nutrition!!

I got some wonderful news tonight. I have been selected to be a Tier 1 Hammer Nutrition athlete for 2011. A little over a year ago, I didn't even know what Hammer was. I saw it at a duathlon that I did and tried it there but never really paid much attention to it. Then, while having a conversation with Gary, my coach, he suggested that I try the Hammer gels rather than the GU. I had always had a problem eating while going on my long runs and during marathons. He said the natural ingredients might be easier for me to digest and he was right. I can now eat 2-3 during a marathon and I have no problems! I prefer the Montana Huckleberry and Rasberry gels. I have also tried the Heed, Recoverite and Fizz products along with the Tissue Rejuvenator. I look forward to trying more of their products in the future and would encourage others to take a look at this product that may be a little bit of a secret in the running world still! Here is the link to their site: http://www.hammernutrition.com/.

26 days until Miami!!