2010 Detroit 1/2 Marathon

2010 Detroit 1/2 Marathon
Doing Work!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in Review

As I think back over 2011, it was definitely a disappointing year running. The worst part of the year was the tragic loss of my high school cross country coach, the man who saw potential in me and started me running 23 years ago. I think about him often while out pounding the pavement and wish he was still here so I could thank him.

I had a few goals but failed to accomplish most of them. I wanted to run 3,000 miles this year but a stress fracture in my tibia had other ideas. I wanted to run a PR in the marathon in Miami in January and was on pace through 23 when I fell apart. I was able to run a 2:45 still but not the 2:42 I was on pace for. I did run a PR for the 8K in 27:20, good enough for second place at the Bay City St. Patrick's Day race. I also was able to run a 2 minute PR in the Sanford and Sun Duathlon, also good for a second place finish. I also planned to go for a PR in the RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon but after only 6 weeks of training due to the stress fracture, a 1:20 was all that was in the cards. The final race results look like this:

Duathlon: 1(1:04:18)
5K: 3 (16:52)
8K: 1 (27:20)
10K: 5 (35:41)
1/2 Marathon: 6 (1:18:36)
Marathon: 1 (2:45:35)

I am hopeful that 2012 goes better than 2011. I would love to hit 3,000 miles this year though that may not be feasible as I currently deal with left hip pain. I definitely want to go under 1:16 this year in the half. I plan to tackle my first triathlon this year (hopefully I get the swim figured out). I am also planning to compete in the state championships of the duathlon this year. I plan to represent Runners Performance, Hammer Nutrition, Recovery Sock and Brooks Fanatics to the best of my ability this year. Hammer On!


  1. Great job this year despite the set backs. 2012 should be a great year for you!

  2. Thanks Tasha! I am hopeful! All the best to you in 2012!